Sunday, December 30, 2007

The new Kenya - A Police State


I am ANGRY... MAD at the current state of affairs in my beloved Kenya...

Is Kenya reverting to a police state?
  • The Election Commission of Kenya bans access to all independent media houses except the government/state mouthpiece KBC when announcing the general election results.
  • The ECK declares kibz as the winner... fine... that is their mandate but what is pissing me off is NOT Raila's "loss" but the "state of emergency" that has been declared in citoes like Kisumu soon thereafter!!! Nairobi has been under siege all evening.
  • john "the home guard" michuki has clamped down on the independent media. Live broadcasts have been banned as has coverage of politics. BULLSHIT...
  • The police, GSU & army are being deployed all over. The bloodshed has started as many opposition supporters have been killed already.
For once, I saw the government's Rapid Results Initiative at work. kibz was sworn in within 1 hour of the election "results" being announced. It all seemed choreographed. It felt like they KNEW of the results BEFORE they were announced. ODM had indicated the "margin" of victory for kibz would be approx 300,000 votes. The final tally was 231,000 votes.

Apparently ODM has announced a rally at Uhuru Park to inaugurate Raila as the "People's President" & a "parallel government". Are these signs of a civil war?
I fear there will be more bloodshed. The police, GSU & army are being deployed all over. And they are killing people; mainly opposition supporters.

I hope that ODM is not encouraging violent acts by their supporters. As much as ODM protest sthe alleged rigging, it is WRONG for its supporters to burn houses, loot businesses & cause mayhem. Yesterday's scenes from Kisumu were not about a legitimate protest for the truth but mere thievery.

I can't believe kibz who is considered a gentleman is allowing his advisers to run roughshod over him & other Kenyans. How can kibz - a relatively well-educated urbane person - allow such barbaric acts?

Rumors are that Raila has been arrested by NSIS. Any solid confirmations?

No wonder African countries are often portrayed as being UNCIVILISED... I do not care to be politically correct... If this is how the government acts then YES, WE ARE UNCIVILISED... Just watch the news. That which gets past the censors. It would not surprise me if the police & GSU are in the middle of murdering 100s of Kenyans.
  • Is 2007's Kenya any better than 1992's Kenya?
  • Is 2007's Kenya any better than mugabe's Zimbabwe?
I want to believe that we are BUT... I do not think so... unless someone proves me wrong. I wish I am wrong.

I was HAPPY/ECSTATIC/JUBILANT that we had (relatively) peaceful polls on Thursday. I was PROUD to be Kenyan. The maturity we the world that we are a peaceful civilised country. It was a lie that lasted but a day. Now, I cannot say the same.

P.S. I have had trouble logging into certain political/newswebsites. I wonder if the Kenya gov't can cut off internet access to the world. To the experts out there, please advise if that is possible?