Friday, July 20, 2012

ARM vs KQ - Performance & CEO's ownership

Pradeep Paunrana, the CEO of Athi River Cement, is a substantial shareholder of ARM.
March 2009 ARM was trading at 60/-. July 2012 the price of the shares 198/-.
Pradeep has raised funds to expand the firm's operations without diluting the shareholders' value.

Titus Naikuni, the CEO of Kenya Airways, has ZERO shares in KQ. His compensation is probably in the region of KES 30-40mn annually [based on the info on the Annual Report under Executive Directors' compensation].
March 2009 KQ was trading at 18/-. July 2012 the price is 14/-.
The under-performing Board raised funds by diluting existing shareholders through a huge (16:5) Rights Issue that required exemptions from the CMA to be considered successful.

Comparing the two on the same graph. ARM in red. KQ in blue.