Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Merali - and his 'partners' aka Suckers!

Has anyone who partnered with naushad merali ever made a decent return?

"Merali cuts KDN stake as South African firm exits" [Click on the Link]

This reminds me of the sale of shares in Kencell to Celtel... and a further sale of shares to Zain then to Airtel.

Not to forget the prior 'deals' when he off-loaded 'Firestone EA' (now Sameer Africa) shares at KES 35.50 to an unsuspecting public. He had bought these from ICDC at KES 5 [it was in the Information Memorandum].

Then there was Eveready aka Neveready at KES 9.50 & which trades between KES 1-2 nowadays.

Did I mention Sasini?

Thursday, January 03, 2013

MPigs, CDF & the screwed Taxpayer

Treasury releases Sh10bn balance for CDF projects

Yep, the current minister for finance, Robinson Githae, who I think has not done too badly, has crumbled under political pressure & released KES 10bn to the greedy MPigs.

I guarantee some, if not most, of the MPigs will divert the funds to:

1) buy votes by providing 'jobs' to supporters working on the CDF projects
2) buy materials/services from their supporters/donors/lackeys/family
3) directly embezzle the funds
4) fund their campaigns or buy campaign materials

In the post-election confusion with new counties & all the in-fighting... these MPigs will be left alone to do what they want with the CDF funds. These funds should not have been released considering there are only 2 months to elections but caretaker committees (composed of constituents) should have been allowed to complete or oversee the projects to completion.