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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mumias Sugar Announces 2004/5 Results

I was unable to find their website but this is what I found on The Standard

Gross Turnover: KShs 12.5 Billion +3.1%
Net Turnover: KShs Billion +%
Profit Before Tax: KShs 1.8 Billion +64%
Profit After Tax: KShs 1.2 Billion +63%
Earnings Per Share: KShs 2.53 +63%
Dividend Per Share: KShs 1.50 +%

I am still updating info....

It seems that the management feels 2005/6 will be even better given:
  • Higher prevailing world sugar prices
  • Exports to EU under preferential terms
  • Higher efficiencies through better management of operations

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