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Friday, July 07, 2006

Uchumi Supermarkets Limited (in Receivership) appoints new MD

The ball has started rolling on Uchumi's re-opening on Friday July 14 2006.

I hope that the government & parliament has learnt the need for "Restructuring" rather than Receivership & will update the Company's Act to ensure that businesses need not shut down just because they run into financial turbulence.

Back to the new MD...

Who is this Jonathan Ciano?
  • was the Manager - Strategy & Restructuring at KPLC
What are his qualifications?
Does he have any experience in the retail sector?
Which firms has he restructured?
How are they doing after the restructuring?
Does he have any experience in FMCG?
Has he ever been a CEO?
What did he accomplish at KPLC?

Bottomline: Does he have what it takes to run Uchumi?

I expected the stakeholders (or whoever picked the MD) to have picked a seasoned retail executive like Titus Mugo (ex-USL MD) or Ajay/Vijay Shah (ex-Nakumatt MD) but I hope they have the right man for the job! After all the government (aka the tax payers) has KShs 600 Million at stake! Unfortunately, MPs don't count as taxpayers so they have little to lose!

I wonder if the major stakeholders had input into Ciano's selection coz Uchumi needs a hardworking, honest & selfless individual to regain lost marketshare. The MD should be able to get into the trenches just like Suresh Shah did in Uchumi's heydays since that is the best venue for genuine feedback from customers, employees & suppliers.

I hope Kenyans (esp customers & suppliers) support Uchumi when it reopens & in the critical months ahead otherwise the bailout will all be to naught! Kenyans' words are often louder than actions! Many Kenyans lamented Uchumi's demise while they shopped everywhere else BUT Uchumi!

Kenyans should take pride in shopping at Uchumi which has traditionally supported Kenyan suppliers & manufacturers.

I am curious.... where does kituyi shop after his rant against Nakumatt?

Finally, I wish Ciano the best!


Kagz said...

I TOTALLY agree that they should have gotten s'one from the Retail/FMCG sector.

But i guess lets wait and see...

Why did the former MD from SA have to go? They say he had alof of experience in retail. Was he part of Uchumi's downfall?

about..."where does kituyi shop after his rant against Nakumatt?"

ha ha ha

good thinking my friend!

coldtusker said...

A recent conversation with a friend:

Q: Why didn't they rehire Suresh Shah?
A: Not interested coz he has moved on
Q: Why not hire Titus Mugo (ex-MD forced out by kirubi)?
A: No idea!
Q: What about a CEO with retail experience?
A: No idea!
Q: Why not have Suresh Shah on the Board even though he is not a CEO to instill confidence esp among suppliers?
A: No idea whether he was approached.

My friend was on the right path. Who in the "new" board has RETAIL experience?

coldtusker said...

At least kituyi shopped at Uchumi after it reopened... Hope he continues going there!

I noticed that Nakumatt kept a low profile. I expected FULL PAGE ads that would make fun of Uchumi OR have GREAT deals that would undercut Uchumi esp for FCMG like cooking fat.