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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where is the new NSE website?

Nothing done on NSE website

Last December, Mr Hoseah Njuguna wrote to The Standard about the woes of the Nairobi Stock Exchange website. The bourse’s chief executive Mr Chris Mwebesa explained that the website would be updated.

That was on December 14. Nearly two months later, no new website is in place.

The issues Njuguna cited have not been addressed. On Wednesday — February 7 — the NSE website still showed trading figures for February 2. The home page has poor graphics and picture resolution and information is outdated. Financial statements have not been updated since 2004.

Concerned investor,


The above is a letter published in The Standard dated 9 Feb 2007. It harks back to an earlier letter... click on this link for more information...

Let's see what happens now... but do not hold your breath!

In addition, we do not want just a pretty face but increased functionality with additional information that can help us including real-time prices! Websites like do a better job of informing us than the NSE...

After all we pay a hefty fee per trade!

For those who are unaware... the NSE also charges firms to list so they double-dip... they charge investors & their firms!


Hoseah said...

Thanks for posting the commentary. Many people including me found out that there is a new website:
but it is beyond me why the site has been kept a secret and not publicized. According to the people who have taken the time to look it over--its still has a lot of faults. I am still glad I sent the letter to The Standard.

coldtusker said...

What's the point of the "pretty" site without the functionality?

Many firms have beta versions which they use to test features & receive feedback from users...

Then there is the delay... mwebesa response dismissed your concerns then made it seem that the new site was going to be launched in Dec 2006... It is Feb 2007...

Anonymous said...

Here is the new website:

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