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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What happened to Telkom's CDMA push?

Telkom has not placed a single ad for CDMA phones or service in the Nation for over one week! Nor has a Telkom dealer advertised... Are they in the market for wireless phone sales?

Safaricom is promoting its Saasa tariff while Celtel is selling its Jishinde postpaid plan with 16/- per minute all day!

All Telkom did over Easter was advertise VOIP calls at 15/-, which are more expensive than the Calling Booths/Cybercafes) but no CDMA service...!
Does Tlkom understand that increased sales of CDMA lines will lead to an increase in international VOIP calls?

Telkom's website is pathetic... slow & poorly designed!

- Is Telkom still rolling out the CDMA wireless service?
- What do the handsets (Mobile + Desktop) cost?
- Can I use a CDMA handset (mobile) to connect to the internet?

The list of dealers on their website has left out all areas except Nairobi. Even the Mombasa dealers are not shown! Their website is a cheap advertising outlet but... they do not use it!

Furthermore, they are making a mistake by selling the lines at 1,000/-... they need a fire sale at 99/- since that will boost the uptake of the service... or sell the line for 1,000/- INCLUSIVE of 1,000/- worth of pre-paid credit!

Unlike Safaricom & Celtel, Telkom requires a "service application form" which adds to the process of acquiring a line!

I am not sure what the handsets cost but unlike Safaricom's offers of "cheap" sets (2,500/-), the Telkom sets 9,000/- & higher! If someone has better information, please post it!

Finally, coverage - still expanding but... not even close to Celtel's (let alone Safaricom's) coverage!

Is there a problem with Telkom's CDMA push?


jp said...

to answer your qns:
-telkom is still rolling out the wireless service. have seen several ads on this wireless over the last one week
-mobile costs estimate (6k and above) for desktop you need Huawei or other CDMA models (ranges from 14k)
-i havent tried a mobile set to connect to the internet but the desktop one works fine

i got a huawei cdma phone set for a friend at 9,200 about two weeks ago. cheaper coz it was all written in chinese inc the manual. otherwise the sets go for between 14-17K shs. a telkom wireless line as you noted costs 1,000.

later connected it to a phone using a data cable costing 2k. the set had to be activated by the vendor and for internet to work, we had to call telkom wireless (gives 24-hour support) for the telkom line to be 'data enabled'. in my view the activation and enabling are a bottleneck and unnecessary.

telkom wireless charges 3.50 per minute for prepaid lines and 4bob per min for post paid lines.

its reception is much better and does not need external antennae like popote and flashcom. fairly good speeds for a home user, at the time of installation the speeds ranged between 27-32kbps.

p/s: telkom and wi-fi Telkom joins wi-fi fray

all the same, telkom needs to pull up its socks in pricing and consistent marketing!

webjinx said...

Telkom rates have dropped. They have off-peak rates to mobile(both celtel & safcom) at 14.00 per min. Off-peak is from 1800hrs -0800hrs and all weekend. Minimum calling rates to PSTN and CDMA is now 3.50 for first 30 seconds.Per minute call within Telkom network still remains 7.00 p.m (still the cheapest way to call if you ask me.)However this info not in public domain!!.
CDMA service not officially launched. A lot is still in the works.When launched and with restructuring and upcoming privatisation, Telkom will dent Safcoms profits.I'm in the know.. only impedement is you need a CDMA handset, could have been better if all you had to do is buy a new line and slot it to your current GSM handset.

SMS on CDMA network only @ safcom and celtel coming soon. The network by end year will be country wide.

You can browse using a CDMA desktop phone or using a card for your laptop.

Commercial launch for CDMA coming soon!!

coldtusker said...

jp - I have access to the Nation but I don't recall any ads for the wireless service. I just want to compare vs other options.

What do you mean "connected it to a phone using a data cable costing 2k Doesn't the desktop unit have a phone?

Speeds are very slow! I want to use VOIP so I need a minimum 33kps for decent voice transmission.

webjinx - How much is the CDMA card? What speeds?

jp said...

i meant 'connected it to a comp' not phone. the ads were mainly on tv, newspaper ads seems to have stopped after the countrywide expansion campaign.

the internet connection resembles a dial up where bandwidth is shared, the more pple are connected the slower the speeds. for voip, maybe you need to consider their adsl service.

webjinx said...

Blackbox ETS 1201 (voice + fax +internet) @16,000
Internet card EC321 @ 12,500
Desktop ETS 2251 (Voice +Internet) 13,000

Malibu Telecom Limited Kaunda street

Speeds at night say past 11.00 p.m very fast because very few people using system. Other factors like distance from BTS(CDMA tower), weather(i.e if its raining) may influence speed.

coldtusker said...

jp+webjinx - You have provided more info than Telkom's website... they need to get serious!

jp - Not in Kenya at moment so trying to get the lay of the land!

webjinx - Does Malibu have website or e-mail?

Mike said...

Email Address for Malibu Telecom Ltd

254 020 201 3020

Desktop: 10,440/=
Blackbox: 13,500/=
PCMCI Data Card: 6,000/=
USB Data Card: 6,000/=

Handsets (Voice only):
Nokia, Huawei, Motorolla: From 4,000/= to 9,000/=

Anonymous said...

Cold T,
Just got an article and published it saying things have still not changed. it is August now and after the launch. Things have changed a little from what I can see, they have more on their website but still most people back home don't seem to know about it.

Called a friend using a phone card, and like it says in the article the minutes were many more than before.

I am curious however about one thing. I thought CDMA's greatest advantage was that multiple users could share the same channels without causing interference? Why the low speeds?


king said...

Calls to mobile phones or other wireless devices/internet calling may be charged at higher rates than calls to traditional landline phones. Additional fees and taxes may apply. All rates, promotional or otherwise, are subject to change at any time without notice. Call times are billed in one-minute increments.

George said...

CDMA Communications Ltd offers some of the cheapest hand held/desktop terminals and the lines are free with each purchase.
They can be reached on
+2540203504728/9/00 or email for any info on CDMA products.

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