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Thursday, September 04, 2008

mswati - paedophile?

Not my usual topic... but is mswati of Swaziland a paedophile?

Whereas there may be some cultural reason or justification... I just can't wrap my mind around it. It is abhorrent to me. Or am I being Euro-centric?

He is 40 years & is looking at marrying girls who are barely 16 years. He could have daughters that old!

In Kenya, we have the founder of Java Coffee House in court on charges of paedophelia. Should mswati be allowed to enter Kenya? Has he ever been to Kenya?

(My advice... if mswati is in town... lock up your daughters!)

What say you?

P.S. My personal opinion is mswati should be deposed, castrated then jailed for life.


MainaT said...

From culturalm pt of view: The swazi seem very keen on the ceremony...And of course the girls go along with parental consent and all that so who I my to question it?
Humanely speaking however, I have a big issue with his spending extravagnza given the issues affecting his many poor subjects...For that castration might be a worthwhile exercise.

Mugi said...

The Swazi people love their Royals and are very protective of them. King Mswati III has been extravagant and led his country to poverty. An extra wife means extra BMW's, palaces and other expenses that the Swazi's cannot afford. Poor mothers see their daughters marriage to the King as a chance to get out of poverty. The few rich transfer their daughters out of his favourite "hunting ground" - Watford School. Hopefully SADC can push for democracy in Swaziland, get a better profile after their failure to effect change in Zimbabwe, and the Swazi people can gather the courage to ask their King to spend much less, and likely "zip up" longer.

Militant said...

^^I totally agree, maybe soon he'll marry all the women, then have a country of relatives... That's a strange thought...

No wonder the coffee at Java always tasted abit.... young...

Shiko-Msa said...

Lol Militant! I've never sampled the coffee at Java but Oh how does young coffee taste like?

Cold Tusker Mswati's first born daughter Princess Sikhanyiso should be 20 or thereabouts by now. At some point she criticized the whole polygamy thing saying it's evil. Funny.

coldtusker said...

MainaT: Is it for the reasons that mugi put forth?

Mugi: True. Maybe the 'love' is fake just like we supposedly 'loved' moi for 24 yrs.

militant: You r a bad boy/gal!

Shiko: What happens if mswati starts eyeing his own daughter? Or is she too old for him?

pesa tu said...

@ everyone: The age of consent in Kenya is 16 years for a girl as long as the parents ni wega

Shiko-Msa said...

Ouch! I doubt he's that badly off but then again you never know.

What I keep wondering is how he keeps AIDS at bay. On a serious note how does he do that? There was one wife who had an affair at some point before she left him. It takes only one of the many wives to stray and bring the virus home!

Anonymous said...

many a pal have stopped visiting Java after their chap was aligne din court for alleged paedophelia. If he's found guilty he will have contributed to the theory that a man thinks with two heads; one leads you to great business heights and the other, always facing down, almost to the gallows!

mali said...

Msawti should be castrated or cut his bullocks and feed them to the vultures in our jungles. Maybe then, all those daughters of our fathers can scamper cos he'll have lost his mojo.
On another note, whats up with the NSE.

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