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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Corruption - (Zero) Charity Ngilu

From Mzalendo:

Full Ngilu (Ministry of Water Report)

The allegations of corruption against the current Minister of Water, Charity Ngilu, have been pouring in since late last year when her former Assistant Minister, Kiunjuri, presented a dossier with corruption allegations to KACC, in addition to the pending allegations currently under investigation by KACC and parliament, just last week, her Ministry was accused of embezzling Kshs 57 million belonging to the Kazi kwa Vijana program. And the Minister appears to have been behind efforts to force out the Nairobi Water MD because he refused to endorse dodgy procurement contracts.

Although she has been offered several opportunities to defend herself in parliament and before KACC, she has so far ignored them. Instead she has chosen to argue that the allegations are the work of several individuals who are out to “fix her.”

Conspiracy theories aside, the mounting evidence is damning.

We have been able to obtain a full copy of the infamous Kiunjuri report and are sharing it here in the public interest and because it’s yet another example of just how brazen our politicians are about pilfering taxpayers’ money.

Full report is available here (PDF, 1.4MB)

Some highlights:

Inflated prices of goods – sandpaper bought at Kshs 220 instead of Kshs 10 [How's that for a profit margin!]
Cost-overruns on dam construction without requisite work to justify
Conflict of interest with companies getting tenders for dam construction

We are doing our part to keep our eye on our politicians, and so should you!

Email cases of corruption in your constituency (or good performance) to info-at-mzalendo-dot-com

A key component of citizenship is making sure we engage and do more than just complain – let our MPs know that we are watching.


Stylifiq said...

The first time I heard about the inflation of the price of sand paper I was shocked. Like really 200+ bob over the actual price. The greed our "leaders" have surpases human understanding. Shenz type *smdh*

Anonymous said...

but the minister has now been cleared of the charges. the heat is now on Kiunjuri to show cause why he made the corruption allegations against Ngilu.
and in another development Mr Ruto has been acquitted .............