Thursday, September 22, 2011

KES 100 to US$?

It seems many Kenyans have resigned themselves to KES 100 to US$.

The odd thing is they complain while;

  • drinking imported beers instead of Tusker/Sierra
  • wearing imported shoes instead of Bata
  • eating imported cereals instead of local Weetabix
  • imports galore instead of acceptable local products/services
So why complain about the KES 100???


Dennis Kioko said...

Bata import some of their brands, which also happen to leak. Local brands need to up their product quality, take the case of local peanut butter versus American Garden. Why does the local peanut butter cake?

As for exchange rate, maybe speculators have managed to take hold of the market giveneven the government buys dollars. How about maintaining a Yuan -Kes rate for what is imported from China

Inflation, Pacifiers, Stilettos and an African Dream said...

Coldtusker: Interesting pointers.

Meanwhile- how about the possible Impact of price control on the quality of some essential products? I like wine- but our own Yatta wine tastes like Glue.

So, No thanks- unless some of our products can compete with the International products available- allow me to enjoy my South African brands. :-)

I however agree that we should support our local industries, I fly KQ whenver I can.I drink Kenyan coffee & Tea, Batta has no Stiletto's but i buy slippers and flats from them (and baby shoes for Imani.

davvys creations said...
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davvys creations said...

get your facts right man serra is not imported it is made here .........nkt!

davvys creations said...

get your facts right man serra is not imported it is made here .........nkt!

Anonymous said...

I found this interesting on why we as Africans love imported stuff.

coldtusker said...

DK: True but Kenyans prefer imports even if the quality is the same.

Peanut Butter may not be a good example of a 'quality' local product but what about honey or jam?

IPSAD: The Mara brand is SA. Yatta is so-so. On wines I agree SA is far ahead. I hope we can improve local wines but we do not have the temperate climate for good wines. Perhaps our wines can compete with the cheap 'boxed' varieties?

DC: Huh? Yes, I know Sierra is a local brand. I did not get your point.

Samuel Njoroge said...

Weirdly enough i had the same discussion over the weekend...and the worst thing is that people say that if they as individuals change, they cant change the entire world.. unfortunately they don't know it starts with one individual.. SMH Go team Seirra! Love the Blog

Shiroh said...

Why does Bata make their shoes in China?

I love local brands but they are always wanting in quality. I have this cloths tailor who won't deliver your cloths until you make enough threats!

Kenyan businessmen rarely understand business. What to do?

coldtusker said...

Sam: true!

Shiroh: Some Bata shoes are made in China or imported. There are many designs made in Kenya as well.

Yes, Kenyan firms need to do better but even high quality Kenyan goods are often 'ditched' in favour of imported goods...


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