Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still a kanu government...

An article by Makau Mutua Wetang’ula behaving as if he is Bashir’s lawyer got me thinking...

The current government (cabinet) is composed of the same chaps who were kanu shrills back in the bad old days of danny t moi...

*2012 presidential candidates highlighted*

mwai kibaki - president - He was in kanu for eons and was dan's VP for a while. Quit in 1990 to form DP which many say was a front to break up the opposition (well, let's call a spade a spade - the GEMA constituency) vote that matiba commanded. Thank the heavens he can't run for a 3rd term but never say never. See kaguta museveni of Uganda.

raila odinga - prime minister - RAO was a johnny-come-lately to the kanu bandwagon to which he hitched his LDP cart before he realized he has been outsmarted. Just like his father, he may never see the presidency & at best, like his father, remain a weak #2.

kalonzo muyoka - vice president - Well, I have to admit that for a chap who was all but finished in presidential politics in 2007, turned lemons into lemonade. He prophesied a miracle and a miracle he performed by selling out the ideals of Kenya's fragile democracy for VP's seat.

uhuru kenyatta - deputy PM - The current head of kanu but make no mistake, this is not the dreaded kanu of yore. The mantle of the new kanu may have passed to uhuru but the powers-that-be are almost all from the old kanu. uhuru was considered dan moi's 'project' or preferred successor in 2002. As head of the official opposition, in 2007, uhuru did the math & decided to support the incumbent rather than vie for the presidency.

musalia mudavadi - deputy PM - His dad was some sort of kanu hotshot. The son is an affable chap but seems to be hanging on others' coat-tails. He was made VP for a few days by dan moi. He was uhuru's running mate in 2002.

moses wetangula - foreign minister - Nominated by moi as an MP & he has returned that favour by being a politician who gives nothing but the best for the wrong cause. Implicated or accused of various scams (or at best incompetence) including the purchase of land in Japan for Kenya's embassy at an inflated price. Also known to open 'mouth, insert foot' in diplomatic circles.

george saitoti - internal security - He was dan moi's VP for ages, then dropped like a hot potato. Picked up again but not a chap who was taken seriously thereafter. He oversaw Kenya's worst economic crisis. Either he was clueless about goldenberg or complicit. According to many he was both.

mutula kilonzo - something constitution - was dan moi's lawyer for eons. Here is a chap who probably has a file ala J Edgar Hoover on dan moi & family's stolen wealth. All those pieces of land all over the country including bits of Mau Forest (or what is left of it). He might even have been kanu's lawyer. Well, at some point there was no real distinction between danny boy moi & kanu.

wiiliam ruto - dishonorable mention - came into the limelight in 1992 at the head of "youth for kanu 1992" (yk92) which was a means of getting moi & cohorts re-elected & screwing the Kenyan taxpayer. Soon thereafter came the goldeberg scandal. Well, the dirtier you are the better Kenyan idiots, erm, voters, like you. The erstwhile minister for education or agriculture or something of the sort.

john michuki - environment and national resources - was quite the powerful chap in the old kanu for a brief period. 

fred gumo - regional development - as minister for anything development is an oxymoron. He is as neanderthal as they come but this is Kenya where selling land 'allocated' to you by the kanu government back to the kanu government for KES 300,000,000 means you get re-elected.

william ole ntimama - national heritage & culture - is a chameleon. A former kanu man who changed his colors. I am not sure if he can even sit through cabinet meetings at his age.

yusuf haji - defense - is a chap who was moi's lightning rod as a provincial chief of sorts and now oversees Kenya's defense forces and the huge budgets for shady deals. A very pricey ship never delivered. Third-hand warplanes. Some junk helicopters. You name any piece of war debris, Kenya buys it.

dalmas otieno - public service - heads a ministry that does little. I am being extremely generous. He might have been minister for transport under danny moi. Means jackshit when you consider the state of Kenya's road/rail/air infrastructure during the kanu era.

joseph nyaga - cooperative development and marketing - a long time kanu member until 2002. Some ministerial post under moi's kanu government.

sam ongeri - (mis)education - has served every corrupt regime he could.

Who have I missed? Who should I add to this list?


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