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Friday, October 12, 2012

NIC Rights Issue - 2012 - Shenanigans?

What an interesting but odd (& worrying) tidbit about the NIC Rights Issue that was forwarded to me:
What is or has the CMA done after they were informed?

NSE websiteNewspapers
Total Number of New Shares Accepted Under Entitlement 85,988,640 85,509,866 478,774
Total Value of New Shares Accepted Under Entitled [KShs] 1,805,761,440 1,795,707,186 10,054,254
Take Up Percentage87%87% -  
Number of Untaken (Lapsed) Rights 12,735,751 13,214,525 (478,774)
Total Number of New Shares applied for Under-application for Additional Shares 248,318,371 248,324,971 (6,600)
Total Number of New Shares applied for Under Entitlementand Application for Additional Shares 333,834,837 333,834,837 -  

The table/results published in the Newspapers (Daily Nation of 11th Oct 2012 Pg 22, The Standard of 11th Oct 2012 Pg 13).

So who got the 478,774 shares at the last minute?


bankelele said...

Could be a typo in the results

coldtusker said...

@bankelele - Please explain the typo. This was not a case of misplaced digits but very different numbers!

ricks said...

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