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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another "What The Fuzz" moment...

Courts getting closer to people, says CJ

Story by NATION Correspondent
Publication Date: 1/17/2008

The Chief Justice Wednesday urged a construction firm to speed up the new Malindi court project saying the delay was denying people justice.

Mr Evan Gicheru said the Sh285 million project was behind schedule and should be ready by July.

He said the completion of the new court premises countrywide would bring justice closer to the people.

“We want to arrive at an ultimate level where the furthest court of law from any Kenyan is four kilometres,” he said.

The CJ addressed a staff meeting at the Malindi old court chambers before visiting the multi-million new court site with the resident magistrate Mr Joshua Kiarie.

On the Lamu court that was scheduled to end several years ago, Mr Gicheru said there were no funds to complete it.

The CJ also urged Kenyans to resolve disputes through the courts instead of using street demonstrations or violence.

“My message to Kenyans is this... Don’t use machetes. Use the legal system, which is efficient and reliable,” he said.

WTF...? Lest I get sued... I shall keep quiet. Or is it that I am at a loss for words? Or is it that I can feel the bile rising?

Please let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...

what the fuck indeed... is this guy serious... court houses every 4KM... what happened to learned people.. what happened to rational people... and what the fuck all that money for what 3000000 people... are this kidding me... or is someone going to make a killing... this is not real... very say the least

pesa tu said...

The slow and expensive pace of judicial justice is what dissuades the avg. Kenyan form taking this route