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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kenya vs S.Korea (just for laughs)

Kenya vs S.Korea

Round 1

Land & Water Mass: 582,650 sq km vs 98,480 sq km
Irrigated Land: 1,030 sq km vs 8,780 sq km
Population: 37mn vs 49mn
Literacy: 85% vs 99%

Round 2

GDP (PPP basis 2007 est): $58bn vs 1,206bn {This is NOT a typo!!!)
GDP (official exchange rate 2007 est): $19bn vs $824bn {This is NOT a typo!!!)
GDP per capita (PPP basis 2007 est): $1,600 vs $24,600

So... why the above info? Well, it turns out that President Lee of S.Korea plans to cut down the ministries from 18 to 13 to "slimline" his government. And our "brilliant" maybe he is(not) prez-in-residence, the Hon. Mwai Kibaki, has named 50% of his cabinet. This 50% amounts to 17 posts. So there are another 17 posts waiting to be filled.

And Kenyans are upset at Dr. James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner, for making comments that... dare I say it...
Many of my readers know I wish we had a Lee Kuan Yew instead of jomo "I love grabbing land" kenyatta as a leader at independence.

Back to the cabinets. S. Korea has an economy almost 44x than Kenya's yet practices more fiscal restraint. Sigh...


MainaT said...

CT, I think this is more of a wtf issue than any hwere Kenyans are concerned. Its called inverse tribalism where you put every tribe in your cabinent so that you are accused of being a tribalist. Or for political purposes.
We should aim for maximum 15 ministers with one or two substantive asistant ministers.

Never mind a Lee, a Kagame will suffice for me.

coldtusker said...

MainaT: A Lee in the 1960s & a Kagame in 2000s... if only we were so lucky...

As a percentage of the economy, our costs for a "cabinet" is too large...

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew is Singaporean, lakini your point is made.

Maurice said...

one more thing you left behind....
christian poppulation: kenya 80% s.korea less than 30% but kenya has sent less than 20 missionaries to other countries while s.korea has sent more than 18,000 people as missionaries to the world making itself the second country in the world for sending the most missionaries, the first being USA. this is the unknown mystery behind the success of USA, S.Korea and most developed countries.. MISSIONS!!!! Wake up kenyan churches!!!!