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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is Reliable Stockbrokers reliable?

RSL is being taken to court over 500,000/-. Peanuts but certainly a stain that RSL does not need after they received a conditional (not full) license from the CMA.

Oh, and ODM wants to postpone the SafCon IPO... Why did ODM agree to the IPO without clearing the mobitelea ownership issue?

Nyongo gaffed about the pricing... seriously... he should keep quiet about stuff he has no idea about. So what if SafCon is priced at 5/-? It is the PE Ratio, NAV and other market factors that count! Furthermore, KQ's OFS was at 11.25 not 6/-... If SafCon had only 10bn shares (not 40bn) then the selling price could have been 20/-...

Me thinks ODM was outmaneuvered by kibz... again... I am beginning to think kibz has not lost any of his smarts due to age... or is he taking lessons from dan moi?

Apparently PNU wanted 44 ministries... This is plain crazy. Oh, and give ODM mostly non-consequential ministries!

Anyway, parliament is 'closed' and will reopen around 15 April 2008. Sigh... to be an MP... Of course this means no questions from MPs... the ministers are all from the PNU alliance... raila needs to smell the coffee...

BTW, didn't raila learn the first time around - the MoU of 2002?

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MainaT said...

I figure a lot of the smaller brokers are in Reliable's situation. Well most anyway.
The ODM stunt sounded very belated and Nyongo didn't do himself any favors with his comment on price...