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Friday, March 14, 2008

Kenya - Corruption or Incompetence?

Will Kenya ever make it out of its morass? No, not the recent political violence but the constant corruption we see since jomo kenyatta's days as president?

Massive land grabbing by those politically connected to jomo "the land grabber" kenyatta was the order of the day. The kenyatta family still 'owns' 1000s of hectares of stolen land at the Coast & Central provinces while needy families have nothing.

During kenyatta's reign, paul ngei - kenyatta's friend & lousy businessman - was 'forgiven' - by amending Kenya's constitution - for stealing/diverting goverment supplies for ngei's own use.

The theft & corruption during dan "the idiot" moi's days as president is mind-boggling but he is still a free man dispensing unwanted advice. Goldenberg remains a scandal that cost Kenya 10 years of development.

We have all read about anglo-fleecing during mwai kibaki's first 5 years. amos wako who was the legal brain behind the approval of these deals is still AG. I am troubled by the following stories barely into kibz' second 5 years. Is there no resolve to stop the vice?

Untaxed & illegal sugar imports provide unfair competition to local sugar producers who pay heavy taxes - income taxes, VAT & sugar levies. Definitely corruption.

The delayed sale of the refinery seems to be due to some lopsided deal/promise the Kenya government made with the Libyans. This delay will hurt Kenya's economy as Uganda & Sudan will ship their oil elsewhere for refining. Incompetence? Or did the Libyans grease the wheels?

Kenyans will die while the top dogs make merry. Corruption means deadly chemicals are dumped in Kenya because corrupt heads at the KPA - & KRA - are not paying attention. Or were bribed.

I don't get these idiots at the CMA. Was someone paid off or is it just sheer incompetence? We have 2 brokers down & in each case the situation was allowed to degenerate to horrendous levels. A point to remember is that edward ntalami was in charge of the CMA when the crap started hitting the fan. ntalami was also behind a collapsed broker - Sterling Securities. Hmmm?

Just as oil prices hit a new high & our forests are being decimated, government agencies are bickering over a new LPG terminal that is badly needed. The stink of entrenched interests & corruption is definitely here. Or is it mere incompetence?

The political clashes are not over. Mt Elgon remains volatile. What are the 1000's of police doing?


just what? said...

will kenya make it out of its morass? no.not with the current leadership. both business and political leaders.
the largest hurdle are the larger businessmen whose empires were built on patronage. as a breed they show an almost total lack of imagination and business innovation.(especially the NSE lot) politicians are mostly along for the ride.

add to your vice-list the proposed (electrical) railway that would have connected mombasa to south-sudan-scuttled because michuki&co couldn't work out a way to divide the 'spoils'.
the lpg deal is just as painful, especially because lpg is one of the cleanest & fastest growing petroleum based energy sources. not to mention it being available right next door in Tanzania.

on the refinery;
is it economical for the ugandans&sudanese to refine in mombasa(changamwe) as opposed to having a refinery to serve them both,located say in Uganda?

bankelele said...

and mobitelea has kids: read in the East African about secret shareholders in the TEAMS submarine cable