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Friday, May 02, 2008

Africa & the Wall Street Journal

The WSJ is taking a belated look at African stockmarkets.

Ryan Shen-Hoover ( has a paid - worth every penny - newsletter focused on listed firms on Sub-Saharan African stockmarkets. I have a subscription & have picked up a gem or two. If you contact him and say the magic words "I am an African investor and I read coldtusker's blog" he (might) give you a discount. No, he is not paying me but please sign up in droves so I can angle for a 'free' renewal. Please mention COLDTUSKER. You will need a Visa/Mastercard and its billed in US$. No, I will not lend you mine.

Subscribers also get access to hard-to-get financial reports for many listed African firms.

Anyway, here is the link to the WSJ blog.

Another firm highlighted in the blog - apart from Investing In Africa - is which has great info on African firms. Free. I would pay for it. Just don't tell them!

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