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Friday, May 02, 2008

Pluses & Minuses - Kenya's growing pains

NEGATIVE: The unaccountability of how tax revenue is spent continues unabated. Plastic manufacturers who pay 120% excise duty want to see the funds used to clean the environment. Makes sense but I think its being used to but new cars for the bloated cabinet!

POSITIVE: Another broker is licensed though not admitted to the NSE. We need more competition. Chartered Capital used to be Town & Country. CCL belongs to Chase Bank. James Gachui (of Trancentury) is a shareholder of Chase Bank.

NEGATIVE: Allegations of insider trading of Equity Bank shares.

POSITIVE: Kenya gets $10mn from EU to boost tourism. Of course, most of it will be spent in the EU promoting Kenya.

NEGATIVE: Nairobi's 'planning/zoning' is thrown out of the window as residential areas turn into commercial areas. Smells fishy to me. What say the Nairobi City Council?

POSITIVE: KCC is now profitable and likely to go public in 3-4 years.

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