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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zimbabwe - Gone to the dogs...

mugabe & his ilk are killing (killed?) the Zimbabwean economy with ongoing ridiculous actions...

Are many of the Zimbabweans too stupid not to see what he is doing?

Why don't they assassinate mugabe or at least have a mass revolution to kill mugabe & his cronies?


Anonymous said...

i think you should read this article will give you a fresh perspective.

coldtusker said...

No fresh perspective here...

1)MM argues about HISTORAL injustices... Zim has been 'independent' for 28 years. It is the PAST. MM states that the current situation is of pure tyranny and greed.

2) Why does Africa(ns) expect 'help' from (or blames) the USA when it has never been a colonizer (in Africa)?

3) mugabe could (& should) have left the presidency in 2008 with some dignity but he chose to circumvent the election results...

4) mugabe is a despot. Just like many current & former African 'rulers' who out themselves before the country including kenyatta, moi, gaddafi, idi amin, etc.

There are very few 'positive' examples e.g. Mandela.

Other 'potentials' so far are Ian Khama & Paul Kagame.

Anonymous said...

im not a supporter of mugabe in any way. but i think the article sheds some light on some of the internal dynamics in zimbabawe. i have many zimbabwean friends. whose attitude even to mugabe surprises. So its important to understand zims internal dynamics.

Secondly you choose to heap praise on Kagame at every opportunity. Whilst ignoring the fact of kagame's central role in the killings and plunder in eastern congo.

Maishinski said...

Truth be told:

Mugabe and Zimbabwe is a victim of Western efforts to topple his government in retaliation for his return of stolen African land.

The west is quite good at this. Here's the likely strategy:

1. Propaganda: Label Mugabe a dicator and trash his policies as corrupt and benefiting political cronies.

2. Sanctions: Crush the economy - hurt the people so they can suffer and lash out at the Gov.

3. Unconvectional methods. Going by the history of the dirty tactics that the West is capable of, I tend to find some credence the theory that Cholera was planted in Zimbabwe. The fact that Cholera bug is common and associated with sanitation makes it easy to deny foul play. Yet it has the desired political results!

4. Pressure SA and other African countries to withdraw their silent support.

5. Next step (my guess): Clandestine operation for a Coup in Zimbabwe. Most likely a civil war to topple mugabe.

Thambo Mbeki understood what was happening. He resisted. The West took care of him. All other african leaders are cowering with their tails between their legs.

You are witnessing neo-colonialism in action. African governments cannot take a stand since they grovel at their colonial master's feet with begging bowls. Beggars have no honor.

Options for Mugabe?
Mugabe is playing the western politics and economics game with the very creators.. he cannot win.

His only hope is to drastically change the playing field. Consolidate power and disband western systems from his governement.

Revert to traditional african system and govern as an African King in a communal system where everone has access to land for farming and food. Scrap money system and Re-introduce barter trade. Go back to basics.

My point: Africa had systems that WORKED before imperialism and capitalism.

This western sponsored Genocide must stop! Innocent people cannot die needlessly just to prove a point.

Anonymous said...

Cholear is a viable weapon:

Cholera as a Biological Weapon

During World War II, the Japanese biological weapons program known as Unit 731 located in Pingfan Manchuria (24 kilometers south of Harbin) experimented with Vibrio cholera as a weapons agent. It was reported that the Japanese dropped cholera and typhus cultures into more than 1,000 Chinese wells and reportedly caused 10,000 cases in 1941. However, an estimated 1,700 of the deaths were Japanese soldiers, a testimony to the difficulty of protecting one's own troops from biological agents and controlling infections.

South Africa's biological weapons program, Project Coast (1981-1994), under the direction of Colonel Wouter Basson, developed cholera as a possible biological agent. It was reported that during South Africa's civil war, cholera, anthrax and other bacteria were released into water in rebel-held areas.

Iraq's biological weapons program reportedly began with the start of the Al-Hazen Institute in 1974 where cholera was one of the biological agents under study.

North Korea reportedly also studied cholera as a possible biological weapons agent.

catch up said...

Zimbabwe's is a problem created by western interference and made worse by a man who won't give in; Mugabe.

It would be naive to play to the tune of Bush and his ilk to the last note. Look for their hand in all this mess and you will find it, right upto the elbow.

Anonymous said...

Mugabe is fighting a "cold war" with a powerful imperialist and racist propaganda machinery.

Sanctions, the neo-colonial weapons of mass destruction, have caused the death and suffering of innocent people in Zimbabwe - all in the name of toppling one person.

The lives of these innocent people dont matter to the west - provided they achieve their objectives.

It's sad really that other Africans don't see this.

Mugabe will go down in history as an african hero.

coldtusker said...

Kagame: Is there proof he is plundering Congo?
(mugabe is plundering/plundered Zimbabwe)
Do Kagame's actions benefit or hurt Rwanda (his country)?
(mugabe's actions do not benefit Zimbabwe)

coldtusker said...

LOL... mugabe is senile. Blaming the west is easy. I wonder why they even bother with Zimbabwe especially the USA.

If the Zimbabweans like mugabe, they can keep him!

The truth is that mugabe is not liked but he has the army. In Kenya, the same situation with dan moi. He has a 'great' secret service that killed/jailed/drove off dissenters...

Robert Ouko - killed
Raila Odinga - jailed
Salim Lone - exiled

among many others...

Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe - beyond the propaganda.

Q: Who is most vocal about Mugabe?

A: The west

Q: Is he the last dictator on Earth?

A: Obvously NO.

Q: Then why the interest?

A: West truly cares for Africans and wants them to prosper and succeed!

Q: Good. But why didnt the west come out so strongly during Rwandan Genocide, Dafur etc?

A: No white farmers were affected.

Q: Why is the US, the most vocal Human rights and democracy campaigner refuse to recognize the Hague's jurisdiction?

A: Stop changing the subject. Lets talk about mugabe. he's giving land to poor illiterate africans who do not know what to do with the land - thats why the people are starving!

Q: So the suffering is not due to western sanctions?

A: sanctions dont affect the white farmers. Let the stupid africans suffer.

Q: So the issue then is how to empower the africans so they can farm and produce food more efficiently?

A: No! Africans are fools and incapable of learning. Zimbabwe must be bombed and mugabe ousted from power!

(a satirical perspective of Zimbabwe)