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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kenya's Public University Students - Idiots?

I have never understood the need for violence & destruction. I never damaged university property (well... not knowingly) even when I felt the administration was wrong. And in dan 'illiterate' moi's heydays, the administration was often wrong...

How does burning university buildings - and looting computers - help the kenyatta (or any other) university students? They only hurt themselves & not the administration or lecturers...

When raila allowed University of Nairobi students to 'protest' in the streets... they messed up by destroying the goods & premises of various businesses...

And university 'graduates' wonder why many businessfolk refuse to hire the Univ grads... Coz the 'grads' are plain Idiots!

(I am all for PEACEFUL demonstrations or those that do not destroy what is 'mine')


Loco said...

It's one thing to destroy other peoples property (An act which is already outrageous in itself) But then to go and destroy something which benefits you... that's just downright crude!

odegle said...

quite true. quite true

kainvestor said...

Our Kenyan public universities have never heard of a 'sit-in'. they could have simply refuse to do the exams until their issues are addressed.

I guess the guys who were clobbered senseless by the GSU had no knowledge of what was going on in their own campus.

Mystery Shopper said...

I'm with you on this.

Before violence is resorted to, every avenue of non-violent protest must be explored and found not to have worked.

I find it so irritating that having burned and looted their own school (and plucked flowers for good measure) the students are now trying to make the case that its not their fault, its the fault of the administration.

These are supposed to be our best and brightest but the way they go about their business is just plain thick sometimes.

KenyaLuv said...

Most of our public university students are "chops"(i.e good in cramming books) but are quite lacking when it comes to basic common sense. Are these supposed to be our future leaders? At this rate we can forget about Kenya progressing any time soon.

Anonymous said...

@ Kainvestor i am a graduate of KU. What the students did was wrong. Well we had a sit in to force Prof George Eshiwani out till he bribed some cops to come destroy the peace.
It worked its a shame to the university not only the students but the administration itself that is a clear indication that Prof Mugenda is only good at planting flowers and not leading such an istitution

Maishinski said...

So true. Yet so sad.

These are the "cream of the crop" intellectuals who made it to campus. Our best brains in action.


misschee said...

The same thing that I was sooo furious about with the post election violence...burning down supermarkets, uprooting rail roads, contributers to the economy...I mean come on! Go burn down houses in posh areas if you really want to make a statement...don't hurt yourself...its ridiculous...and these are UNIVERSITY students!! I get that heads of institutions are simply ridiculous but there MUST be other more intellectual ways to go about this. How can you act as a hooligan and expect any respect or anyone to try find solutions with you if you just came from burning down your own computer lab? Ok, you can tell I'm slightly upset by all this! hmm...

coldtusker said...

I can't empathise with the idiots who ripped u the railway sleepers in Kibera then complained about lack of jobs!!!

pink m said...

@Kainvestor, I was in KU, we did a sit in, cops came to beat students in an enclosed place.I remember dudes had to carry us over a wall, which they eventually demolished. Sad to say, a student was shot.

I don't support violence of any form, but at times, management leaves little option to the students.

With the kind of arrogance Mugenda has displayed in this affair, I doubt sit ins, or peaceful demonstrations would have done it.

All said and done, I hate any kind of violence, but sometimes the management of these institutions leave the students with no option, because THEY WONT LISTEN!

Gramware said...

i am currently a student, and the VC told us that she does not negotiate with students. This prompted some to take part in a strike. As a result she suspended and replaced union leaders, charged all students 1k and forced them to carry around yellow forms. The burning was done by illegally suspended students with support of the rest. The VC had vowed the exam would take place whether there would be a strike or not.

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