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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raila - The New Government Spokesperson

alfie 'goebbels' mutua used to be the purveyor of idiotic statements. Of course, his derision the then "mere junior senator from Illinois" aka Barack Obama... the now "President of the USA".

Anyway, raila has started defending every scam in town. Or so it seems. Why is he being the whipping boy?

KAA + OneJetOne + muhoho + Afro-Asian Investments (some fake Qatari firm): I have no faith in georgie muhoho whose only claim to fame is his familial connections with uhuru kenyatta. Of course, KQ is upset at the KAA giving away Embakasi airport while KQ has no space to park its planes!

KPC + Triton: I am not sure but a good source told me that raila implied that no money was lost to Triton. And there seems to be pressure on KCB to give KPC-Triton a pass... And then there is this article making the rounds.

Mau Forest: What happened? RAO has backed off calls for kicking the squatters out. Kenya needs to rain & water that the Mau complex provides.

"Lesser Corruption" defence: What is RAO smoking? Grand corruption is alive & kicking... and all he could say was that the current corruption is 'less' than prior years? Whereas I can forgive him for 'forgiving' small time corruption but NOT the mega-scams in the billions e.g. KPC-Triton...

alfie 'goebbels' mutua must be smirking at RAO's gaffes!


Obie said...

For a fact, I beleive Kenyans have the capacity to show RAO and other like-minded quacks that we deserve better now and come 2012. We should all play our part and use our weapons of choice, mine being the pen, to forge the leadership we deserve.

ke said...

Raila has no power. Didn't I already tell you that, like a year ago?

coldtusker said...

RAO did cry about the lack of (defined) powers such that ka-loser could make fun of RAO in public!

BUT why is RAO defending scams? Lame ducks should not go out on the only good limb they have!!!

Anonymous said...

so he states we have "less" corruption...and that is what? We've have reached a zenith and should now throw a party and celebrate? Whatever is smoking must be free and experimental!


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