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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disinvestment in Kenya

After the greedy, selfish & irresponsible actions by the politicians - PNU, ODM , ODM-K, NARC, etc - Kenyans are agitating for 'more'. The problem is that ALL the 'agitators' are government employees. So not only do we have the BLOATED cabinet, we have to pay more to civil servants.

So who suffers? The private sector who face tough trading conditions, poor infrastructure, insecurity & now have to contend with higher taxes. Nobody is paying attention to the vital industrial & agriculture sector on whom we rely on for real wealth creation.

Why are we surpirsed when many manufacturers relocate their factories to other countries, farmer abandon their crops, businesses default on loans and horticulture exporters move to Ethiopia?

Nurses give ultimatum to government

Teachers want higher salaries

Increased violent crime affecting businesspeople in Nairobi

Prison wardens strike for higher salaries and better conditions

Even the prisoners are on strike for higher pay!

Mungiki threat is killing the rural economy


Anonymous said...

if the goons sitting in parliament can be paid such big salaries, what will stop us from going on strike to ask for better pay?

bankelele said...

In a way I'm happy that everyone is approaching govt with their hands out. That way parliament won't be able to raise their salary as they did at the beginning of the 9th parliamnet (Minister Mwiraria claims he was blackmailed into conseting as none of his bills would have passed)

coldtusker said...

banks: The MPs who vote for anotehr increase will be lynched. Then necklaced.

And I will (using my measly after-tax earnings) pay for the rope. Shameless bastards.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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