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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Capitalism or Democracy?

China is trying to core points with corrupt, ineffective & idiotic African "rulers" by claiming that western-style democracy is not for Africa.

The best form of government is a benevolent dictator like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. He is a leader who has done well for his country. Most African rulers are tribal chiefs who want to line their own pockets.

jomo kenyatta - Growing up all I heard was praise for him. What came out later was his acceptance of corruption by himself (land grabbing ad nauseam), his cronies (paul ngei who diverted government supplies to his wife's shop), his tribesmen (too many examples) & his associates. Died in office after a period of senility.

julius nyerere - No personally corrupt but corruption thrived in Tanzania since there socialism was doomed. I wish Tanzania was an economic success to prove Africa can have national leaders. Retired to a simple country life.

idi amin - The less said the better. buffoon #1 & the Israelis kicked his fat butt. Overthrown by military means and went into exile in Saudi Arabia whose ruling family are not democrats in the remotest sense. amin should have slow-roasted over an open fire.

robert mugabe - Plunged what was one of Africa's shining examples into anarchy. Over 1 million Zimbabweans are refugees in S.Africa. Others have escaped to Tanzania among other neighboring countries. In the meantime, mugabe & his cronies are stealing all they can. 84 years & likely to die (or be killed) while in office. The sooner the better!

Basically it is difficult to find shining examples of "dictators" in Africa. Mandela could have been a dictator but he chose the gentlemanly road & retired after one term. Yes, he was not forced to retire which is practically unheard of in Africa.

Whereas it is easy to prescribe the "benevolent dictatorship" form of government for Africa, the leaders are not there. If the leaders are there, African tribal interests will not allow the "real" leaders to succeed.

Democracy is NOT an easy path but if a large country like India with 1.2 billion people, numerous languages, multiple religions, sectarian divisions, caste system overhang, belligerent neighbors and numerous other issues can make democracy work so should African nations.


Joseph Karoki said...

It is unfortunate when our foreign minister touts China's leanings to undemocratic regimes and the idea that Kenya would be supported financially by China if worse came to worse. I believe China's financial involvement has led to the continuation of dictatorship and genocide in places like Darfur.

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