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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kenya - Not my Kenya!

I wonder if these folks live in same Kenya most of us do...

Amos Kimunya - Finance Minister (illegitimate government?): Expects economic growth of 7%. Probably his pocket but not most other Kenyans!

Njuguna Ndungu - CBK Governor: Expects 6% economic growth. His own staff (Prof Terry Ryan) was at 4%. Is Alan Greenspan available?

Kiraitu Murungi - Energy Minister: Blames the Oil Marketers for high fuel prices while conveniently ignoring that 50% of the fuel price comprises government TAXES. To add insult to injury, the transport costs are pushed much higher due to Kenya Pipeline Company & Kenya Petroleum Refinery - both government owned/controlled - inefficiencies. Poor roads & insecurities adds to the problem!

Kenya Revenue Authority: Implements new taxes & rules on Kenyans in 2008 while most Kenyans & their businesses suffer. Example: Forms to report property losses can only be gotten from district offices who have to approve the same. Many of the displaced persons whose properties were destroyed/vandalized could be killed if they returned to the districts!

Eric Kiraithe - Police spokesman: "Love triangle" theories & "Rambo-movies" comparisons for police violence & murders. Its a pity none of his family is in harm's way.

Hussein Ali - Police commissioner: Talks of peace being "restored" when people are escorted AWAY from their homes! Same idiot who didn't have the guts to hold the Armenian brothers in Kenyan jails thus had them deported. He couldn't even fire the CID director (joseph kamau) who told ali to go pound sand!

Alfred Mutua - Government Goebbels: He missed his calling as a jester. I can't believe the crap he spews. Claims John Kufuor flew 6 hours for a cup of tea with kibz. Producer of poor-quality TV shows.

Evan Gicheru - Chief Justice: Calls Kenya's legal system "efficient & reliable". Is he joking? It takes YEARS for simple cases to be resolved. Corruption is still a problem. Of course, don't forget the expense! Unless he thinks the receipt of his outrageous salary & perks is "efficient & reliable".

You Know Who - The Serial Slapper: Slap, slap & more slaps. Cameramen, MCs, MPs... Slappity, slap, slap.

In the meantime, the inflation rate is on a tear, job losses continue, properties are being destroyed, lives lost & destroyed, businesses are closing down, exports are down, transport is paralyzed... the woes continue...

Of course, the MPs get paid, the ministers get paid, the government employees get paid. The idiot samuel "my mommy didn't teach me to count" kivuitu gets paid.


Acolyte said...

I was talking to a pal in Kenya about the rate of inflation and how people's incomes arent catching up and frankly it's horrendous. People paying 40 bob for bus fare to town from South C. People end up spending a vast chunk of the their economy on bus fare and fuel. How do we expect our economy to grow with that kind of cost on fuel as it has a knock on effect on everything else.
And we wonder why they the gap between the rich and the poor is growing at this vast rate.

Odegle said...

he he, a great talking point. i agree with you we must be living in very different countries.

Anonymous said...

William Ruto's long history of violence

TheTruth said...

First off, why is it PNU supporters think that anyone who criticises the govt is an ODM supporter. I suspect that is why anonymous feels that to counter the criticisms of bad governance, highlighting Ruto's ills will do.

Otherwise, good analysis. One thing I ask myself is: how reliable are the govt numbers on economic growth, etc. If they can cook receipts (Anglo Leasing), fake passports (Arturs) and rig an election, whats to stop them cooking the books. I mean, who audits the govt's books? I ask because the 6% being shouted about from the rooftops is not reflected on what is seen and felt down on the ground.

coldtusker said...

Aco - True dat. And it gets worse BUT except for the politicians & friends/cronies of kibz even the Kenyan "rich" are getting poorer.

OD: Thanks.

The Truth: A pity that PNU can't take criticism. I think most economic numbers from the govt are doctored or inaccurate.