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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kalonzo sweating bullets... ODM-K on its way out?

The "agreement" between ODM & PNU over the formation/composition of a new government is causing kalonzo heartburn. After all what are ODM-K's 25 seats vs ODM's 96 seats? We know that PNU went to ODM-K in desperation & kibz wil dump kalonzo at the first opportunity. After all kibz has to reward uhuru kenyatta for his support.

Many PNU supporters would rather see a peaceful Kenya by ceding the VP's post to Raila rather than support kalaonzo & have Raila (& Ruto) cause problems. As is, kalonzo is a 1-trick pony with only the kamba vote under his belt.

ODM-K is facing problems
as kalonzo tries to oust Julia Ojiambo from the party's top echelons.

ODM had 99 seats but the murder of the 2 ODM MPs (by PNU-related folks?) throws into confusion the slim majority held by ODM in the parliament. ODM has lost 3 seats coz Marende's seat - after his elevation to the post of Speaker - is also up for grabs.

I have to say PNU's attempts at using the bribed ODM MPs during the Speaker's election failed miserably. I wonder if ODM can keep its MPs in line as kibz is known to bribe with impunity.

My concern is that the above distractions will delay the resuscitation of the economy. The ray of hope is the cessation of hostilities - if the violence subsides - the business community can start rebuilding the country. I hope that the economy will be bigger than politics by 2012. That remains wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

It is true Kalooser is sweating bullets. He knows his days are numbered. He thought his smooth operating ways had got him one breath closer to the presidency. I often wondered if Kalooser had the balls to whack MK or declare him medically incompetent. It was a coalition that was doomed from the beginning. I think he was better of being a neutral party and he would still have his respect. Everyone in Kenya knows he is not a principled man PNUers know it even though they hate to admit it. Can some one get him in touch with a socerer? he is in dire need of the most potent KAMOTE his miracle seems to be unraveling.

Anonymous said...

Its very ironical that Kalonzo is the first to castigate the impending powersharing btw PNU & ODM, Ati powersharing will kill multiparty in kenya. Yet when the first opportunity was presented he was the first one to grab it by joining PNU. Talk of wanting to have your cake and eat too!!

Anonymous said...

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