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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kalooser (Kalonzo) getting edgy as Annan talks bear fruit...

I have to give credit to Kenyan bloggers for the (nick)names they give politicians... but the new one is kalonzo = kalooser esp now that ODM & PNU could reach a deal that dissolves the current cabinet.

The VP's post is often considered "ceremonial". The only VP who made it to becoming prez was dan "the idiot" moi when jomo "the landgrabber" kenyatta kicked the bucket. Even then moi barely made it. If not for charlie njonjo's support, there was no chance moi would have been top dog.

Many VPs have been forced out of office. Among these are:
  • Raila's daddy... Oginga Odinga
  • There was a decent, honest guy... Joseph Murumbi who quit coz he could not stand the shenanigans
  • Josephat Karanja... poor guy was hounded out in fashion... though I am not sure what his crime was
  • Musalia Mudavadi... VP for a few months then even lost his MP's seat in 2002. Now in ODM. Would have been VP (again) if Raila became prez
  • Saitoti, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. Goldenberg happened under his watch. Was told to shut up in public by dan moi.
Anyway, so... kalooser has kicked his running mate (Julia Ojiambo) to the side. She gave him an immediately recognizable party (ODM-K) but he did not repay the favor.

So kalooser is concerned. Speculation is rife that he will be kicked aside to pave way for ODM (read Raila). I would say he deserves being cast aside just as he cast aside Julia Ojiambo. Just desserts!


jke said...

Raila as VP?

coldtusker said...

KikuyuMoja: I think that is a possibility but as happened in the earlier cabinet, the situation would be volatile.

At this stage kibz & Raila can't stand each other. Raila won't forget he was short-changed in the earlier deal.

star_gazer said...

kalonzo is an astute politician and statesman. he's brought new impetus to the kibaki government.

I don't know why you vilify this guy ?

are u still mad at kenyatta for "grabbing land"?..GET OVER IT!
You cannot use that as an excuse for your failures in life...

sijui Kenyatta grabbed hoo.. Moi did this and that to me/my hoo..

get over it, grow up and hamdle your responsibility like a man..
it's not aricanly for grown men to constantly bitch and moan like kids..