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Friday, April 03, 2009

muhoho-ho-ho (corrupt? inept? Or both?)back at KAA

Well, I guess it helps to be uhuru kenyatta's (Finance Minister & Deputy PM) uncle as well as a buddy who speaks the same language as kibz (Kenya's prez).

Yes, the reviled, corrupt & inept george muhoho is back at KAA in spite of all the accusations of incompetence. It seems he might have firm instructions to wrap up - and collect the cash on - all the funny deals within the next 12 months. Before others get wise to the 'deals' especially the long-dated land leases. Yep, sell out Kenya. Quicker the better. After all 2012 is not that far away!!!

muhoho & friends forget - or do not care - that JKIA could be the real hub of Africa. That Nairobi could be a thriving 'shopping' destination for transit passengers. That this can create thousands of well-paying jobs for Kenyans. Diversify our economy. Enrich all Kenyans.

No... All that is NOT relevant because quick cash for 'personal' use can be made by entering into opaque deals with 'unknown' or connected firms. Allocate land to unknown foreign airlines (OneJetOne) & developers (the so-called Qatari based Afro-Asian Investment Company) while starving locally-grown Kenyan airlines of growth opportunities.

Anyone out there who thinks all is above board here?


MainaT said...

The worst bit is that this is another wasted opportunity to be at the heart of africa not just the sub-sahara.

pink m said...

Isn't Muhoho like over 70 years old? I'm trying to imagine my grandmum running a business, leave alone KAA at a time where business innovation is key for this country's success.

Shame on him for taking up the appointment.

kachwanya said...

In this country if you are young and probably think you can do a better job for the government..forget about it until 40 years later. I
think there is a tight nit, well organized hands of these old people to keep the young people from assuming the responsibilities or leadership or management. Surely there must be someone in his 30s or 40s capable of doing the job well

In any good transparent society any lingering doubts about a person should be cleared before allowing him to continue.

Let me caution Kenyans that towards the end of Kibaki Presidency Kenya might totally collapse due to high looting and the fact that the looters can easily get a way with it.. If Goldenberg looters..Anglo leasing ghosts are all free then anybody can do it and go free...don't forget maize scandal, the Triton Oil, ....