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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kill the Somali Pirates

The French mounted a rescue attempt on the "The Tanit" but lost a French hostage. The French in good form killed two pirates. The Indian Navy also destroyed a somali pirate boat killing a few somali pirates.

The rest of the world needs to get in line. The Germans capture pirates. What a waste of time. The USA has not mounted any attacks on the somalis. The Germans are constrained by some silly notion of not being the aggressor. The USA is haunted by the "Blackhawk Down" incident as well as Obama's obsession/need to improve relations with the muslim world. Obama was filmed bowing down to the saudi king!

My opinion?

Well, Kenya is affected in many ways by somali piracy. We lose tourists (cruise ships), higher import costs for oil, etc. These pirates also provide bases for al-qaeda as well as drug smuggling into Kenya.

I think the Amercians, Brits, Indians, Chinese, etc should BOMB the somalis back to the ice age. A co-ordinated attack on all major ports/bases should cripple the somali pirates. A second attack should be on any somali boat or mothership.

Yes, yes, yes... some civilians will be hurt but let's face it... these civilians are the support staff for the pirates. I would rather have a safer Kenya then worry about some dead somalis.


MainaT said...

Ban miraa imports to Somali

coldtusker said...

MainaT: Why? export more miraa to keep them 'pacified'...

Mystery Shopper said...

Did you read the story above?

I was also of the opinion that they should just be bombed out of existence but after reading this, I realized that perhaps things are not as cut and dried as they seem.

I guess ultimately what the world needs to do is put greater effort to making Somalia work as a state.

coldtusker said...

MS: Nonsense.

Kwani the MV Faina was dumping tanks? (Though we would not have known of the arms-running by Kenyan officials if not for the pirates).

And the oil tankers were dumping oil?

And the smuggling of illicit goods into Kenya?

The somali pirates are a bunch of crooks. Somalis need to get their own act together. In the meantime, they should be bombed out of existence.

coldtusker said...

LOL... told you... the Americans (SEALs) killed 3 pirates & captured one... American captain rescued...

And now watch the fireworks as the Americans kill more pirates!

Mystery Shopper said...

Bombing is a short term fix that will just breed even more radical extremists. And who will be in closest proximity to these extremists?

As the story about waste dumping and trawling shows, the genesis of the problem is not just a bunch of miscreants who one day had a brainwave to become pirates.

The fundamental problem is the failure of the state. That has bred all sorts of other problems that are just symptoms of the major ailment.

The world at large needs to put greater effort into helping the Somalis find a way to rebuild a functional state(s).

coldtusker said...

MS: The idiots/somalis brought it on themselves.

If Kenya implodes, KENYANS are to blame. After all Kenyans went to the polls & voted for the idiots-in-power. kibaki openly dumped any semblance of 'ehical' behaviour when he re-appointed those implicated/indicted in anglo-fleecing.

As for ka-loser, the less said the better about that tribal chieftain & turncoat.

RAO - His embrace of violence through surrogates to gain power was pathetic. He disappointed me when he chose to ally with dan 'thief' moi in prior years.

coldtusker said...

MS: As for the somalis, they could have created their own paradise. They chose not to.

As for bombing them to kingdom come.

Well... the 'guys' can call it a jihad & expect 7 virgins. Each. And for the women. Well, unless the virgins refer to women... they may be in for a treat as well.

I have NO sympathy towards the somalis coz the piracy costs me an extra 3/- per litre as well as reduces cruise ship tourism to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

"Attacking innocent ships is no more noble or productive than hijacking random trucks because some deliver goods for Walmart"

Anonymous said...

"I have NO sympathy towards the somalis coz the piracy costs me an extra 3/- per litre as well as reduces cruise ship tourism to Kenya." You forgot to add and a few bags of yellow maize( animal feeds) from USA for your hungry lot. Mind you though their Country (Somalia) never had a government for the last 21 years they have never stretched their hands begging for food. Incase they are granted humanitarian assistance they get human food not yellow maize.

What a shame!!!! Uganda forces are terrorizing poor Kenyan fishing men on a Kenyan island...and you Kenyans can’t even organize a demonstration denouncing the Ugandan act forget about regaining back the island ,funny enough, here you want to lecture us about the Somali pirates. I wish the Somalis LOAN you few pirates to drive out the Ugandans forces from the Island in a heartbeat.

Kenyans you have no balls to talk like men, especially in the International scene.

coldtusker said...

Anon 11.52: LOL... well, the Ugandans are all bluster. If push came to shove, they are SCREWED. Simple... all the fuel they get passes through Kenya... As do most of their imports...

As for the somali pirates... LOL... I hope the Americans & French kill many more. Oh, and the Indians killed a few as well...

Kenya has a (very) FLAWED government - I shamefully admit - but the somalis are a pathetic lot. As for aid, the truth is that the OIC & muslim nations provide the somalis with aid so they don't invade the arab/muslim lands.

And yellow maize is a type of maize... not necessarily animal feed... We would rather beg than steal...

Anonymous said...

take the pirates out. the sooner the better. save a lot of decent lives. and get rid of those who are nothing but a waste of oxygen.

Joe said...

I say we have to nip this lawlessness in the bud. Quickly! The road to hell was paved with good intentions. You know the quote. People need to recognize that these somali pirates [yes, the lack of capital letter is intentional] are funding radical islamists. Islam is nothing more than a political movement to send the world back to the 8th century when all non-believers or infidels were taxed and discriminated against. Asking for ransom money is nothing different!

Anonymous said...

More than a hundred somali pirates have already been killed and sent to bottom of the sea. This has been done qietly by Special Forces of various countries and has been kept out of the press and only when a press leak occured did someone claim responsibility. You need the dogs dead. You do not need to draw attention in the process.

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Anonymous said...

if the chickenshit diplomats had their families taken hostage, tortured or killed maybe military action to pursue and KILL the pirates
instead of taking them to trail be the result! Like the 'poor 15 year old pirate' going to trial. These people are animals and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

What good phrase

Anonymous said...

Yes PLEASE!! KILL ALL SOMALIS living in East Africa.

Anonymous said...

Kill all Somalis worldwide...


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