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Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Ghost" firms allocated ullage at KPC

It just gets more interesting [euphemism for oh crap!] at KPC...

So when Kenyans started peering intently into who the allotees of ullage were at KPC, some smart chap came up with an idea! How about using fake 'Ugandan' firms?

On 17-Feb-2011, a firm called 'Black Gold' [So Tintin-like as Bankelele would say] got an allocation for 2,697 MT of fuel.
Now, compare BG's allocation to these legit firms with retail operations in Uganda:
  • Total Uganda 2,911 MT
  • Libya Oil Uganda 345 MT
  • Shell Uganda 1,750 MT
  • KenolKobil 1,000 MT
  • Gulf Energy 2,632 MT [Yes, that Gulf]
The ship (MT NAVIG8 HONOR) discharged 26,776 MT of fuel & 10% of storage was allocated to Black Gold. Another interesting factoid is that the shipment was brought in by Gulf Energy.

1) Did Black Gold evacuate the tanks? When?
2) Did Black Gold export the fuel to Uganda? When?


kein said...

coldtusker, read your comments on my blog (
Kenya's oil industry is crazy. I hope with KPRL now importing fuel, OMCs will no longer be forced to pay higher costs for nothing. But akina Kiraitu wamekula wamechoka!

Anonymous said...

kenya needs prayers,everything shooting up,including poverty levels


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