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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Petrol Shortages in Kenya - May 2011 Part 6

You heard it here first!

Rumors are rife that there are 2 more EMERGENCY TENDERS being floated tomorrow for imports of Diesel/Gasoil (AGO) & Super Petrol (PMS) tomorrow!

This will add to the crazy prices Kenyans are already paying since emergency shipments cost more just like many other 'urgent' tasks!

This second round of emergency tenders in May is after the 1st one a few days earlier!

More interesting stuff! KenolKobil refutes claims & allegations of delayed delivery by MoE for PMS shipments. Apparently, KK was restricted in supplying PMS as required by OTS due to KPC ullage constraints!

15,290 MT of PMS for delivery 10-11 June 2011 [At least 1 month off!]
31,355 MT of AGO for delivery 01-03 July 2011 [Good coz not so much of an emergency but still not part of the regular OTS imports]


Saldanha said...

At this rate, I don't know what to say!! Kenyans have a talent of screwing themselves real hard!!! Why the emergencies by the way? Because someone/some people/some cartel somewhere is busy cooking up ways to fleece Kenyans by any nook or crook!


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