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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Uganda is a country in Africa

So Uganda has plenty of cash to spend on armored vehicles for crowd control but not for new dams or roads or electricty production... Wasn't museveni going on & on & on about the lack of infrastructure like power generation & transmission facilities during his recent visit to Kenya?

I think these are Chinese manufactured crowd control vehicles [end of the clip seemed to be some guys who delivered the vehicles]. I guess if you want advice from rulers who know how to kill their own people, ask the chinese.

So museveni 'forgives' a corrupt & inept former head of NSSF for blowing UGX 8,000,000,000 [8 billion] since she did not have the managerial skills! [Bakoko Bakuru then ran away to the USA]

Please let me have your thoughts on this!


fredrickgituthu said...

This is the same old story of currupt African governments out to fleece the tax payers. Like Mutahi Ngunyi once said, someone needs to do something really stupid like the Tunisian street hawker!


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