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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Investing In Africa

Dear Readers,

I recently came across an excellent newsletter that promotes Investing in Africa epononymously called Investing in Africa. I say investing because the publisher understands & emphasises to his subscribers the RISKS inherent in most African Stock Exchanges viz. illiquidity, currency restrictions & the politics! Yet, there is immense potential in the continent.

The newsletter is reasonably priced at US$39 per year, well researched, provides stockbroker contacts & reviews & is a delight to read!
The first pick recommended (Letshego of Botswana) would have paid off for a lifetime's worth of subscriptions had I subscribed earlier!
$3.25 per month does not buy a latte at Strabucks but could provide the opportunity/mean to buy an interest in a coffee farm, if not the whole farm!

They provide a sample report & I think the quality of the subsequent reports are just as good!

For you sceptics out there - I do not get a referral fee! - but I think we should support someone who encourages investments in Africa when there is scant interest & knowledge among most investors. There is always news on "new" funds that look to invest in Asia (esp China & India) but not in Nigeria, Kenya or Zambia!

So take this opportunity to Learn & Earn!


kenyanentrepreneur said...

Are you getting a cut of this guy's subscriptions?

why should I pay him? the only thing he has up on his website is that he's worked for 10 years in southern africa dealing with "business issues".

I know many people with that kind of experience and more (who are still BASED there)

coldtusker said...

Check my disclaimer (inserted after you asked!)... perhaps I should ask, huh?

Sure, YOU know many people with that kind of experience and more (who are still BASED there) but others do not!

I encourage you to read his sample report.

Please send me other research reports you come across. Most Kenyan firms don't do research... I would really like to see what you have.

Of course, Ryan is no chartist & he makes it clear its for the long-term.

I am sure there is someone out there (except Ryan) who can benefit from Ryan's research!

Anonymous said...


You do your own research!

I'll read the sample report.

coldtusker said...

KE - Feel free to send me the reports you have/get... the more the merrier... always learn something new!

Share and share... don't be a meanie!

kenyanentrepreneur said...

your "buddy" ryan is the meanie - trying to charge Africans for information about their own countries!!