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Friday, September 29, 2006

KQ to add Comoros as a destination

The reason I have KQ as one of my Sep 2006 Raves is their dynamism. After announcing flights to Paris in Oct 2006, they will add French-speaking Comoros in Nov 2006.

The JKIA expansion has finally taken off, 3 years late, but welcomed by KQ since JKIA is their main hub for their rapid growth as a regional airline.

What does Kibaki mean by "ultra-modern facilities" in Wajir & Isiolo? Is this another Eldoret?

Why don't they extend the runway at Eldoret Airport to ease congestion at JKIA?
There are many tourists who care not to see Nairobi but would rather fly to Eldoret then to the Game Reserves & National Parks!


Anonymous said...

insteda of developing an airpotr in eldy and ksm why not improve the road
the distance aint that far - unless of cours ethe rpads are fucked up the distance between sf and sac is like from nairobi to eldy people commute daily

coldtusker said...

The airports are already up & running. They need upgrades For businessfolk the Nbi-Ksm road would be too long a drive.

Most of the funding is from loans, JKIA (KAA) reserves & grants. They new infrastructure creates an avenue for further profit growth viz passenger fees & taxes from airlines like KQ.

kenyanentrepreneur said...

isn't comoros a hub of islamic jihadists terrorist cells?

JFK absolutely needs an upgrade. (have you seen the airport in Addis Ababa?)- it would put JFK to shame.

that airport looks worse than the bus stop station in Boston!

coldtusker said...

I don't think Comoros is in the same league as Somalia but is is pre-dominantly Muslim.

A few mercenaries can topple this banana republic!

Mayotte is French though pre-dominantly Muslim. The Mayottans have rejected "independence" or joinin Comoros coz that would mean losing the "free" aid!

JFK looked OK to me the last time I was there... Logan was undergoing rehab...

Or did you mean JKIA?

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