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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kibaki & the Demolition Squad

Well, I have to give it to President Kibaki, who took a stand as regards the Syokimau, Eastleigh among other demolitions!

Yes, yes... he took the high road & I am glad he did so... It turns out as Carol Musyoka's article describes... there was something fishy about Syokimau...

As for Eastleigh, it is time some order was brought to bear in the area. I may sound a little un-PC but I am sure there are more than a few al-shabaab sympathizers in Eastleigh. Kenya has an important military installation (the Eastleigh Airbase) around which lots of buildings have not only encroached into the 'safe zone but also high/tall buildings which pose a threat to the aircraft.

So we support President Kibaki in getting rid of corrupt cartels within the Lands Ministry. I would even venture that if he lined some of these corrupt officials up against the wall & had them shot... most Kenyan would cheer!


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