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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Syokimau - Land Rights (or lack thereof) in Kenya

Do not buy a house in Kenya unless you are 100% sure that the title is 100% clean.


Read the above sensible article by the sensible Carol Musyoka who discusses the financial decision/s & implications of Buy vs Rent. Now that interest rates in Kenya are 22% or higher (vs 14% 6 months ago) the problems will only get worse as many Buyers who borrowed will default in 2012 as they can't keep up with payments.

Or how about these houses demolished in Syokimau in Nov 2011 when the poor folks were told all was OK. They were given permission to build & then this...

Video 1:
Video 2:
Video 3:

The folks who were building in Syokimau were not politically connected crooks like naushad merali or gideon moi but Kenyans who thought they had a clean "Right" to the land.

I do not condone violence but if these residents picked up a gun & put a few bullets into those who sold them the land, approved the building plans & lied about the flights' path... I would simply look away...

Rwanda has a Electronic Registry for Land. It covers Kigali and is expected to cover all of Rwanda by Dec 2012. This is a country that was devastated in 1994 but have done so much to improve the processes that create good National Institutions.


Dennis Kioko said...

In the last month, Kiang'ombe slum was demolished by Kenya Airport Authority while KPA slum, next to the inland port was demolished by the Kenya Ports Authority. In both instances, not much was questioned until Syokimau.

KAA once ran a series of "Caveat Emptor" notices in the dailies with maps of it's land which was being sold off, though this continued.

Kenyans must understand that people will exploit their greed and collude with authorities to exploit them. If you are going to join the land race, get a reputable lawyer.

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