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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Her... She... is... Mine...

The New... Curve

Feeling my way around Her
No wonder She is the Curve.

Pressing Her buttons
will engage Her functions.

Brains & Beauty never come cheap
High maintenance is Her keep.

Her interest in my tongue
Has all forgiven & forgotten.

She sounds so sweet
being new & pristine.

She is the She for me.

The Ex
Felt sad to let her go. The sadness lasted but a moment.


Fedha said...

I've had the curve for 2 months now! my time pre-curve and then life post-curve

who is selling them in Nai and for how much?

Kenyanomics said...

Congrats Coldie. I want that so bad.

Anonymous said...

ive heard of being "p*ssy whipped" in the case of women
hmmm...wonder what ud call this ?? phone whipped??

pesa tu said...

Woooi u got one, I cant wait for our IT guys to get me mine, everyone else has got one am still waiting for mine.
Once i stroke her i will let u know