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Friday, August 31, 2007

So how much moi and his cronies steal?

We may never know the answer to the above question since there have been no serious attempts to find out the extent of corruption in & by the moi government.

The kibaki government has not made any serious efforts to find out the extent of the rot. John Githongo put it aptly when he gave the example of finding a skunk & keeping it!

Edward Clay was right. Many well-meaning Kenyans were upset at his words but they were either true or prophetic.

Here are a few links:

Guardian Newspaper
Mars Group


MainaT said...

Ct-Add another £1bn which would include the stuff he did with Goldenberg and smaller thieving projects he undertook with other partners e.g. all the military stuff that came through Anglo-Leasing and of course things like Mahindra cop-cars.

coldtusker said...


Why is the kamani family missing from the list?

Of course, they will feature prominently in the kibaki scandals!

pesa tu said...

All we do is about the past So what next? We dont have Broadband in this country?

coldtusker said...

pesa tu: Well... short of mass action...

Anyway, the only thing we can do is change the govt... but as described in my blog, Kenyans are notoriously tribal in their outlook.

I have often referred to "A Man of the People" by Chinua Achebe who captures Nigerians' warped views on politics/politicians. And this applies to (most) Kenyans as well!