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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why JKIA needs a 2nd runway...

Sigh... I feel sorry for KQ among other airlines that suffer do to the stupidity reigning at JKIA...

Apparently, the JKIA management (what qualifications does muhohohoho have to be running the KAA???) believes one runway is enough... whereas for safety & efficiency there need to be be at least 2 runways!!!

Another plane burst its tires on the runway... I would like to know the cause (debris on the runway?)... and the airport was shut down. Again!!!

The other day the airport was closed down for 2 days since there were no landing lights!!!

A 2nd runway would allow flights to land & leave even if one runway is damaged or closed for maintenance or due to a crash/accident.
JKIA was built to handle 2mn passengers but handles over 4.4mn passengers. With the rapid growth of KQ & increased local airlines/flights as well as additional international airlines flying into nairobi, there is a need for increased capacity for the aircraft.


bankelele said...

I don't think the landing/takeoff traffic at JKIA warrants a second runway - but in case of an incident/accident, they should open up Embakasi (old Airport) runway

coldtusker said...

Banks: The old runway (at Embakasi) might not be capable of handling larger aircraft e.g. 747 which are still flown by many airlines into Kenya.

PLUS... what is the state of the old runway? If KAA can't keep the "new" runway in good condition (the recent 2 day shutdown coz the landing lights didn't work!) what shape is Embakasi in?

I disagree with your observation on traffic. The past 5 years have seen:
- KQ's fleet has doubled.
- The airlines serving JKIA have increased substantially
- The cargo uptake from JKIA has at least doubled (just using KQ's figures)
- Local flights to/from Kenyan airports have substantially increased incl Aero Kenya, KQ, Jet, etc...

FUTURE growth will be very important. The costs of an additional runway will be recovered by the increased flexibility & attractiveness of airlines serving JKIA.

Anonymous said...

the traffic in JKIA warrants 2nd runway.....i Would know... its my job

MSA runway is the roughest runway in the world(kinda like a murrum strip)its got like strips right across the runway ...kinda like mombasa road. Thats no good for airplanes that are doing about 250-300kmh before takeoff....heck it aint good for even cars doing 100kmh

Also the landing system & Air Traffic control in Nairobi is way behind the likes of Johanesberg, Cairo and etc.....

They should get rid of the kiosks they call duty free at JKIA and give passengers seats

So JKIA is a dinasaur if u compare to other airports

Kenyanomics said...

A single runway might not keep pace with the fast-rising traffic. I hope the Kshs.10b budget includes a new runway.

coldtusker said...

kenyanomics: I do not think the 10bn includes a new runway.

It would take 2 years (this is Kenya!!!) to build a new runway. Therefore KAA needs to start now to be ready by 2009.

Apparently (erm, will I be forced to reveal my sources???) KQ wants a 2nd runway esp since they plan to add 5 planes by 2009. For some silly reason KAA feels JKIA does not need a 2nd runway!