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Monday, September 03, 2007

Olympia Capital Holdings Rights Offer

Hey! Olympia Capital has a website! This is a recent but welcome development. Better late then never. I hope they keep it up-to-date.
All listed companies should have at least a basic website where we can get information on them.

Olympia Capital Holdings (Kenya) Website
Plush-Yokota Website
(Plush-Yokota is the S.African firm Olympia Capital Corp (Botswana) acquired in November 2006).

Since the Olympia shares are trading Ex-Rights which means buying the shares does not entitle you to receiving Rights. Nevertheless, you do own part of the company. And one can sell these shares at any time during the Rights Offer as well as before the "new" shares are issued.

More details later!


MainaT said...

CT-just how many shares do you own in this company. You are their most enthuastic fan, mpaka I decided to check them out! So this is Matu Wamae's company correct. Why do they think they will quadruple their turnover in one year?

coldtusker said...

MainaT: I ask each listed firm to set up a website if they do not have one... so when they do... I feel good!

My favourites are EABL, ICDCIC & KQ who post the results online soon after they are released.

These firms also have their PowerPoint briefings on their websites.

Ironincally, BBK & SCBK fail miserably. Equity does well in this respect.

One day I shall rate each firm's website for the info they provide investors.

MainaT said...

CT-so you don't really know much about Olympia? I am interested in knoowing they are headed so drop any info other than what they have on their site please?

Re company websites, most of the foreign owned company don't seem bothered at all even when it would make commercial sense. As are many domestic ones, DTK, Mumias even AccessKenya (!).

coldtusker said...


I managed to get a copy of their Rights Offer BUT I do not have "hosting" so I do not know how to post it online.

I will summarise it when I have some time. Well, the summary is on their website.

The Matu family are the largest shareholders. 3 of 6 directors are Matu family members (yes, 50% of the board).

coldtusker said...

MainaT: The turnover will quadruple based on acquiring 27% of OCC (Botswana).

Accounting allows OCHL to "consolidate" the results of OCC(B) if 50%+1 shares in OCC(B) are owned by OCHL.

OCHL currently owns 26% of OCC(B) thus is accounted on an "equity basis".