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Monday, September 03, 2007

Healthcare (or lack thereof) in Kenya!

A regular mwananchi dies due to the lack of basic drugs.

MPs & ministers in Kenya go abroad (& I am not talking of India) for taxpayer-funded treatment!

Nyachae in London for check-up

By Beauttah Omanga

Cabinet minister Mr Simeon Nyachae has flown to London for medical check-up.

A family member said the Roads minister left at the weekend, accompanied by close family members, for a routine check-up for injuries he sustained three years ago while exercising at his Nairobi home. When reached for comments by The Standard, the minister’s personal assistant, Mr Charles Birundu, confirmed the reports but did not divulge further information.

Nyachae was early this year quoted as saying that his doctors would determine his life in active politics. "I will go back to London in September for a final health checkup.

On whether I will be seeking to defend my Nyaribari Chache seat this year, depends on my doctors’ advice," he told a rally in Kisii last month.

One of the leading politicians in Nyanza Province, Nyachae is touted as a key player in President’s Kibaki re-election bid.

Already, there is anxiety among his supporters over his medical status.

"It is our prayer that Mzee is given a clean bill of health," said Kitutu Chache MP, Mr Jimmy Angwenyi.

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