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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Stocks

The tools offered by mystocks keep on improving. I am surprised the site is still free for users. I would recommend using it while it is free!

The tools include:
- Portfolio Tracker
- Stocks Drill (basic for now)
- Graphing & comparison capabilities (including accounting for bonuses & splits)

I have some issue with the way the details on the live feed are displayed but I understand they are working on it. I like seeing "depth" on the trades.

There is a "mystocks+" that is geared towards corporate users.

Kudos to the enterprising Kenyan(s).


bankelele said...

Great site. I like that you can check stocks prices from your mobile phone (at no extra charge)

coldtusker said...

Banks: How do I add links/image like you have on your site...

I wanna give mystocks a "free" plug coz it is a great site...