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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Olympia Rights in major trade

Olympia Capital Holdings has a Rights Offer pending. The final date for trading the Rights is 14 Sep 2007. The final payment date is 28 Sep 2007.

The current outstanding shares are 10,000,000 with 30,000,000 Rights on offer.

The regular shares trade volume is relatively low (see MyStocks for graphing) and if they trade 5,000 shares, it is considered a huge deal!

Therefore the total Rights traded today were 5,170,200 (yes, over 5mn)... Wow! That is 17% of all outstanding Rights on offer.

Generally when someone buys Rights, it means that they will be exercised. In comparison only 3,300 shares were traded at 16/- so there seems to be a bottom reached.

There are 3 more trading days for the Rights so let's see how this develops.


Dexter said...

coldi, I saw the rights final price was .20 cents today. Enlighten me pls. Does it mean that if i place a buy order with my broker say 2000 Rights, I'll pay .20 cents per share plus the the normal commission?

coldtusker said...


- The likely price for the Rights is more than 20cents. I think the price was a result of the large deal. Earlier in the day the Rights sold at 50cents.

- Let's say you get Rights for 50cents then your cost for the Rights is 1,000/- plus commissions (minimum is 100/- for most brokers).

- On or before 28 Sep 2007, you will have to pay the broker or get a banker's cheque for 28,000/- (2,000 Rights x 14/-).

- The 14/- INLCUDES the broker's commissions so you pay no more than 14/-.

- You are guaranteed to get these shares when they are issued in mid-Oct 2007.