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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Corruption?

Sometimes the unlikeliest sources uncover corruption!

Business Daily ran a story about the GOK moving towards issuing new driving licenses. I always wondered why GOK sticks with the old "booklet" system!

Now I know why!

The new cards are expected to save the State at least Sh100 per driver that is spent on printing of paper renewals every year. Philip Langat, a deputy secretary in the Ministry of Transport, says it costs Sh500 to produce one of the red booklets.

Yikes! We have thick textbooks that cost less to produce! We have micro-processors that cost less! We can buy SIM cards for less! We can buy 256 KB flash disks for less!

Or is someone skimming off the top?

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ka-investor said...

This is just a tip of the iceberg. so many other things are procured at over quoted prices....think of anglo leasing.

pss: you can get your AGM questions now. i've posted more infor.