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Sunday, September 23, 2007


COLDTUSKER needs a break. A long break. On 23 Sep 2007, coldtusker shall hibernate for a few weeks.

Please feel free to post questions/comments since there may be periods where coldtusker needs a cold one & shall break his (temporary) vow of silence.

Coldtusker has played with the idea of entering politics because he is tired of most Kenyan politicians who tend to be greedy, silly, thieving, conniving, sniveling, etc.

He thought he would be a breath of fresh air but like many of this ilk, he is pragmatic, & feels better suited to work behind the scenes. Since politics in Kenya is based on tribal lines & Kenyan voters have not matured enough to place "Nation" & "Merit" over tribe, Kenyans will continue getting the get the government we deserve.

I hope my vote counts toward the good guys.



bankelele said...

enjoy the break.

Two horse race here, vote wisely

MainaT said...

CT, who said you can have a break? There are very few voices of sanity on the blog and yours is one of the few bwana.
Are u standing? Or campaigning for one of them upstanding MPs? On 2nd thoughts no such animal exists at present so that must be a no then!

I digress, njienjoy..

Dexter said...

Have a great break.

ka-investor said...

vote wisely....n keep yourself alive. Usikojolewe na Nyachae!

no-spin said...

Enjoy the break CT; we'll miss you though. I'm looking forward to the elections so we can get it over with and get on with business. So are you a candidate or what?

Anonymous said...

drink carlsberg - betta than a cold tusker - achimwene

pesa tu said...

i see am NOT the only one who's cynical about our political maturity? But we will get there(Maturity) some day

pesa tu said...

ohh and enjoy the break

Dexter said...

Hope u are having a great time. I'm sure you've seen in nationmedia todays paper - 4th Oct. about private placement by Co-orperative Insurance Co. of Kenya. Can you kindly give us your take on this company.
Many thanks

Odegle said...


coldtusker said...

Banks: True. 2 horses & 1 ass.
MainaT: No, I am not standing. I might campaign for a candidate.
Dexter: Thanx. CIC only for co-ops not individuals.
Ka-Inv: I am avoiding nyachae.
no-spin: No.
PesaTu: How is SA (I think)?
OD: Hope you are fully recovered from the nasty carjacking.

meridia bikes said...

Thanks to author.


actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

name said...

Wonderful blog.


Good job!

Anonymous said...

Cold Tusker, you should have appeared on Adam like Chris foot and we would all be behind you helping to create that much bandied "generational" change.
Good luck

Stephen Wainaina said...

Like you I despair of our people, and especially the middle class. The way both sides look at their candidates like they were perfect is extremely immature and I believe a barrier against progress. Why would Raila ever improve when there are 10 million people madly in love with him, ready to follow him to hell and back? Why would Uhuru improve himself, why would he need to perform when all he needs to do is wait for Kibaki to lose, die, retire and inherit the fanatical support of half the country?

Cry the beloved country.

Stephen Wainaina said...

May I add that the two horses, one ass formulation is emblematic of the much regretted immaturity. I think he has brought a sanity to Kenyan politics, and an idea and service based leadership that we badly need. He has also proved himself to be free of corruption, unlike the two horses gilded as they are with billions crafted with the blood and sweat of the Kenyan people.

That said, like the other two candidates he is clueless on wealth creation.

As I descend from atop the box, I would like to ask that you write me if you may.