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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CMA's website

A friend has been trying to get information on or about the CMA but the website provides little or outdated information. There has been an improvements since I posted a rant about it.

Does this mean someone from the CMA reads my blog?

Anyway... so I checked the website out & whereas it looks better but there are problems with the downloads. The 2007 annual report would not open up & the message was 'a damaged file'.

No e-mails are listed so how does one get in touch with the 'powers-that-be'.

There was a complaints section but the complaints form was damaged & the complaints procedure was blankety-blank. Way to go...

I do hope someone from the CMA reads this & fixes it.

Does anyone have e-mail addresses for the head honchos there?


MainaT said...

CT, somewhat unrelated question since I know you are the guru on Olympia, has its financial yr end changed from Dec? If it has, what to?
Just wanted to see how it did in '07.
Try going via Treasury...

coldtusker said...

Year End moved to 28 Feb 2008 thus the results will be for 14 months this time round.

OCHL thru OCC purchased Plush (SA). Since Plush is the largest business they have turnover-wise, they decided to conform to Plush's year end.

All the info above was explained in their Rights Info Memorandum which might be on their website.

coldtusker said...

mainat: Do u have kimunya's e-mail????