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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lee Kuan Yew for President (Again)

Apparently, Lee Kuan Yew went to Harvard in the early days to talk to the economists (among others) to figure out HOW he can lead his country to greater heights.

What was kenyatta doing? He was touring Kenya to figure out how much more land he could grab!

moi was no better...

There is a difference between LEADERS (like Yew) and CROOKS who pretend to be leaders (like kenyatta & moi)...

Don't give me the BS about kenyatta dealing with multiple tribes & political expediency.

If Kenya had had leaders, the ethnic problems would not arise. Its the CORRUPT that render Nations apart.

Cosomopolitan leaders like;
Tom Mboya (who was a Nairobi MP thus supported by more than just Luos)
Joseph Murumbi (who quit after seeing how kenyatta & his cronies were out to screw Kenya)
Pio Gama Pinto (the first high-profile politician to be murdered)
JM Kariuki (who was the only prminent Kikuyu politician to go for Mboya's funeral)

were all killed or sidelined...

I hope we choose someone who is a LEADER not of the same mold as the presidents of the past!

Just imagine if we had a Yew as president!


mwangi said...

why do you oversimplify complex issues like this?

coldtusker said...

Animal Farm by Orwell is just as relevent to Kenya now as it was to communism 60 years ago.

We were fed a diet of the "god" kenyatta who could do no wrong. We couldn't even dream of his death...

Well, he croaked... like any other dead Kenyan...

For moi, I have even fewer kind words... Most of use grew up under his "reign" and what a disaster it was. Unfortunately, moi did not croak sooner...

No apologies from me!

Anonymous said...

So true. I shall continue dreaming that one day Kenyans shall see it fit to elect a president like Mr. Yew who had his country's (not his pocket & ego) interests at heart.

To me as a young Kenyan, I have seen triablism tear apart institutions in Kenya.

I have faced more tribalism in Kenya (pop: 30 million) than racism in the US (300 million).

Obama (a bi-racial candidate but generally identified as Black in a majority White country) could be president in the next 2-10 years.

Some Kenyans seem to have a major problem in having a Luo (tribe not race) as the next president.

I have been told that Tom Mboya (had he not been killed) would have been the best president Kenya never had. He was more Kenyan than Luo.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing;that's its easier for an American Luo(Obama) to become president of USA than for an indigenous Luo to become president of kenya.

The odds are goes: lets say that 13% of kenyan population in USA is luo.13% of 300,000 kenyans is approx 39,000 that would make luos percentage in states as 39,000/300,000,000=0.00013%. so a Luo in states comprises 0.000013 percent of the states population versus 13% population in kenya yet its easier to get one elected in states than in kenya! that's how TRIBALISTIC kenyans are.

we killed Tom Mboya coz he was a luo destined to be the next president, killed JM kariuki coz he dared mix with luos, killed Robert Ouko coz he did his job so well he got praised by americans. I bet if obama was running in kenya he would be DEAD MAN WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kenyanentrepreneur said...

Anyang Nyongo is the closest thing we have to a lee kwan yew. unfortunately, he has decided to hide behind Raila's skirt and as a result, has remained in the shadows.