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Thursday, July 10, 2008

$3 million house for VP


When we have lots of poverty, pathetic roads & lousy services... ka-loser gets a $3 million house. I wonder how much more we will spend annually to keep him in style?

And I believe this excludes the cost of land since it was built on government owned land...

Another ka-loser aka scammer jesse jackson goes after Barack Obama... Ati "I want to cut his nuts off."


misscaffeineaddict said...

jesse jackson's thing was a heavy blunder... kwanza after he'd been supporting obama publicly... of all places to slip up... a news room?? ai!

coldtusker said...

mca: welcome... nice handle!

jj is jealous but he was never a leader. He just skated on the coattails of MLK. Too many scandals associated with him. jj is trying to remain relevant!