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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Libyans lay down the law...

It's rare when a ruler directly gets involved in a 'business' deal in another country but gaddafi has laid down the law for kibaki - who accepted money from gaddafi to fund his re-election - as regards the Grand Regency Hotel.

If Kenya kowtows to libya, then we have a huge problem coz we are selling the refinery and pipeline to the libyans. Bad idea... They will have us by our b***s.


Anonymous said...

do u really have to post such trash? get some respect and do some research. i feel like throwing up already..

coldtusker said...

Hmmm... When another country's despot tells us what to do... well, yes, Kenyans have lost their self respect.

When Adam Wood (UK's former High Commissioner) told us that Kenyan politicians vomit on the donor's shoes after binging... oh, many Kenyans took umbrage at the truth...

Now... our politicians have sold their souls to the libyans and nary a protest?

The libyan representative publicly lambasted the Kenyan political honchos... but he was treated with respect & deference. The guy should have been bundled out of the country...

How is it that libyans are 'favoured' over all others even when they under-bid?

Refinery - Essar of India had the best bid.

Pipeline - Soon to be under the Libyan's control. It should be floated to Kenyans. We have the money to fund its construction/extension.

GRH - No public auction!

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat what another Anon guy said. Get your facts right before displaying your ignorance on the Net.As you would know Libyans are becoming pacifists and since you guys didn't fancy getting into the 'United States of Africa' Gaddafi has to conjure up other ways of serving his interests.
As for Govt's (both PNU/ODM were financed by Libyans...) they have nothing else they can do but play along to the piper's music...(read our incompetence selling us!)