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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Open Letter to all listed firms on the NSE - Grand regency Hotel

Dear Chairman/CEO/CFO,

I would like to request the Board not to hold any meetings, functions, AGMs, EGMs or provide any patronage to the Grand Regency Hotel as long as the sale does not meet prudent & transparent guidelines expected in the disposal of public assets.

The GRH relies on patronage from businesses as its core client base. The denial of the business is a silent protest in the vein of Gandhian philosophy as practiced successfully by Dr. Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela. I hope this drive the message home to the corrupt whether they be Sellers or Buyers.

It is my hope that the Private Sector takes the lead in protesting unfair policies that the political establishment pursues.

Thank you,



Ssembonge said...

CT, you are asking for too much. Unlike you, I have resigned to the happenings in Kenya. Nothing surprises me any more. We got the leaders we deserved. The next opportunity for change is 2012.

bankelele said...

I had been thinking along the same lines before the GR (scandal that never was) saga - that hotels, clubs, airlines should boyoctt/refuse patronage of MP's if they persist in refusing to pay a fair share of taxes. Now i'm just confused!

coldtusker said...

Ssembonge: The issue at stake is less about the price it was sold at but the PROCESS.

If the process had been transparent then a lower price would have been acceptable to the public.

We need to ensure the PROCESSES are fast yet transparent.

Banks: It makes poor business sense to refuse their patronage but you can withhold yours from shady firms.