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Thursday, July 03, 2008

kimunya - the sacrificial lamb?

Is kimunya being sacrificed by kibz using raila & wako?
When will he be resurrected?

It seems that the CBK - owner of the Grand Regency Hotel - is being let off scot-free.
Did ndungu support or oppose the sale in the opaque manner?

Who else was involved in the sale?
Did kibz know - rhetorical question!
Will raila use his position to make hay while the sun shines?
Will ODM get a say in the appointment of a new Finance Minister?

Will the MPs get away with paying taxes as the Executive panders/bribes to them to make GRH go away?

Notice how Martha Karua isn't her usual abrasive self defending kimunya, kibz, PNU or govt?

The committee has wako (PNU or however the wind blows but essentially KANU), orengo & omondi (ODM), kilonzo (ODM-K but a KANU guy) & ringera (more of a GEMA guy).

Kenya should go the India way & appoint a clean TECHNOCRAT as Finance Minister - not a repeat of saitoti!

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